To book a holiday at La Charpenterie, please check availability for your preferred house and week(s) Then send us an e-mail stating your preferences. We will then hold a provisional reservation for a few days to allow you time to make your travel arrangements and send you a booking form and request a payment, either a deposit, or full, if it is only a short time to your holiday. Once we have your booking form and payment we will send you a holiday confirmation letter.

Your booking form will ask you to confirm that you have read, and agree, to the following Terms & Conditions.

Please print a copy of these conditions, for your records.



Margaret & Rodger John, La Charpenterie, Rue de la Ripaille, 49260, Breze, France


The Client shall be the first-named person indicated on the booking form. That person shall be deemed to be responsible for all of the actions of the other persons named in the booking form.

Rental period

A rental period shall be from 2pm on Saturday until 10am on the following Saturday. Consecutive rental periods may be assumed to be continuous. In the event that the property is not vacated before 10am on the Saturday of departure; the Owner is entitled to a punitive charge of £30, which will be deducted from the security deposit.

The rental property

The rental property shall be The Pool House at La Charpenterie, Rue de la Ripaille, Breze, 49260, France and it's contents as defined in the schedule maintained in each property.

Occupation of the rental property shall allow the Client use and privileges over the shared facilities e.g. Pool, etc, and grounds of La Charpenterie with the Owners consent. These privileges shall not normally be withheld without reasonable explanation.

Nature of accommodation

The accommodation is both self-catering and self-serviced. Equipment and utensils are provided to enable the Client to prepare their own food and service the accommodation. No additional assistance from the Owners should be anticipated by the Client, without additional payment.

The Pool

The swimming pool is shared with the Owners. It is normally heated by a heat pump from 1st May to 30th September. We aim to heat to 25°C and so the pool is covered overnight to reduce heat loss. When the heat pump is operative, the cover will remain on but will be removed upon request to facilitate swimming at preferred times.

Reservation deposit

The reservation deposit of 25% shall become payable upon the electronic dispatch of the booking form and, once accepted, shall not be refundable. The Client shall ensure that he posses adequate insurance cover to reimburse the value of the reservation deposit in the event that he is unable to take-up the rental. The Owners shall provide written proof of receipt of the reservation deposit. If the reservation takes place within 56 days of the rental period, both the rental sum and security deposit shall become payable with immediate effect.

Rental sum

The Owner shall present an invoice to the Client not less than 56 days before the commencement of the rental period. The rental sum shall be the figure indicated in the price and availability section and shall become payable 42 days in advance of the commencement of the rental period. In the event that the rental sum is not received by the due date, the reservation deposit shall be forfeited and the rental property made available to an alternative Client.

Once the rental sum has been received by the Owner, the Client has an obligation to take-up occupancy on the agreed date. The Client should take-up private holiday insurance cover to protect against the loss of the rental sum in the event that he is unable to take-up occupancy. The Owner is obliged to certify, as required, that all due monies have been paid in full.


Payments from the UK may be made in £Sterling, preferably by Internet Banking transfer or by a bank transfer from their own branch. Additionally, Clients from other EU countries may use IBAN payments in Euros for the equivalent Sterling amounts at the exchange rate prevailing at the time of booking. Non EU Clients may also make Sterling International Banking Transfers.

When a Client uses an electronic banking transfer, they must also complete an electronic booking form and attach it to an e-mail, which, upon receipt, shall be deemed also to include the Client's signed acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

All fees associated with the electronic transfer of funds shall be borne by the Client. Any fees charged against the Owners will be deducted from the security deposit at the end of the holiday. PayPal fees are typically 4.7%.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of £150 shall be payable and banked, 42 days in advance of the commencement of the rental period. The security deposit must be returned to the Client in full provided that no damage, beyond normal wear and tear, has been occasioned to the rental property, its contents and the communal parts of the site. The Client will also be responsible for all losses, or damage, exceeding the value of the security deposit which will be recoverable through the English courts (Normally the small claims section of the County Court). The security deposit will normally be returned by an Internet banking transfer. The Client will be asked to make their account details available to enable this.

In the event that the Client is unable to take-up occupancy, the security deposit will be returned to the Client, without delay.

Wear and Tear

The Owner shall be responsible for determining if damage or loss falls within this definition of normal wear and tear. For example, breakage of a single item of glass or crockery shall be deemed to be normal wear and tear. All other damage, or loss, will normally be chargeable.


An additional cleaning charge of £20 will be added to the Clients invoice. There will be no requirments for the Client to undertake cleaning prior to departure. There Client shall remain responsible for recycling all containers before departure.


  1. The Owner shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the rental property is in a fit condition throughout the duration of the rental period. In the event that a significant defect or discrepancy is identified during the rental period the Owner shall pay the Client compensation of £25.
  2. No person less than 21 years of age shall be permitted to stay at the rental property.
  3. No person shall be permitted to smoke tobacco within any room of the rental property.
  4. Once a Client has identified a prospective rental period, the Owner shall observe the option for a maximum period of 3 days from the date of the initial contact.
  5. The Client shall ensure that his party does not cause nuisance or disturb the Owners by way of noise, or disruptive behaviour. ..

The normal transaction process shall be as follows:-

  1. Client identifies acceptable rental period.
  2. Client returns booking for by e-mail and transfers reservation deposit, normally by Internet banking transfer to Owner within 3 days of the reservation date. Owner confirms receipt and advises the sum that will be invoiced 56 days before rental period.
  3. Owner sends invoice to Client 56 days before rental period.
  4. Client transfers rental sum and security deposit normally by Internet banking transfer to the Owner's bank account not less than 42 days before rental period commences.
  5. At the start of the rental period the Client verifies to the Owner that the property is, as described.
  6. Within 7 days of the end of the rental period, the Owner must verify to the Client that the rental property is in the same condition as at the commencement of the rental period.
  7. The Owner must return the full amount of the security deposit to the Client within 7 days, provided that the property has been cleaned and vacated on time and there has been no damage or losses to the property or its contents. This may be by Internet bank transfer, or cheque, at the Client's preference.